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  • [ZIQC Test] — 24 items / no time-limit / IQ up to 185.
  • [NP-Test] — 25 items / 40 minutes time-limit. / IQ up to 162.


  • [EasyIQ Test] — 55 items / 30 minutes time-limit. / IQ up to 155.
  • [Zensa Test] — 38 items / 30 minutes time-limit. / IQ up to 168.

  • Brief history of the IQnavi test site
    The IQnavi site was originally created by Christian Backlund aka Zolly Darko back in 2014. It was made for the purpose of creating many automatically scored online IQ tests, and trying them out together with a number of very enthusiastic test takers from all over the world. The tests were free and scored on a template, rather than one by one, that is most common for online tests
  • Questions and Answers in the tests
    Most tests are easy in the beginning and getting harder at the end, this is the normal method when creating tests, many easy or medium-level questions and a few difficult ones. Normally you need a long free IQ test with instant results to get a better measurement, at least 40 items. But a quick IQ test free also fills a purpose when the estimation of people’s talent needs to be done quickly; this is common in recruitment aptitude testing. Psychologists use the term “Item” instead of a question when talking about IQ tests.
  • The Test takers
    All people with different skill levels will be able to find free IQ tests with instant results at IQnavi. We recommend beginners to start with the easy tests first, you find them by looking at the IQ range; a lower ceiling indicates an easier test. That said many test takers of IQnavi have done the Mensa IQ tests are Mensa members, the RAPM and FRT-A, FRT-B tests used by Mensa have a quite low ceiling 135 SD15 (FTR-A) and they love the challenge of trying themselves on a much higher IQ scale, and we provide that on IQnavi.
  • The Norms
    The norm is the table that translates the number of correct answers from a test to an IQ value. When norming a test, the usage of score-pairs is very essential, simply looking at old results reported in from the tests takers and mapping them to the norm of the IQnavi test. For norm setting, it is most interesting to look at results from proctored tests, made by psychologist, tests like WAIS, Raven Progressive Matrices, FRT-A/B, Stanford-Binet. Another important factor for the norm is the normal distribution, we look at expected number of scores at different levels, you can get more information about this here:
    De Facto standard for Standard Deviation is 15, as used by WAIS, this is also used by IQnavi
  • Reliability and Validity
    Reliability in Cronbach’s Alpha is around 0.85-0.95 for the most accurate online IQ tests at IQnavi., we will present more accurate figures when we have collected more data, after a year or so. We have at another test site found out that tests made by Christian Backlund normally are within Cronbach’s Alpha 0.85-0.95. This is excellent and at a professional level, like Raven and Wechsler tests for instance. Reliability is lower for short tests, normally you need at least 30 items to be able to reach around 0.9, the longer the test is the better the reliability will be. The validity, that the test is measuring the right things can be validated when correlating the test with professional proctored and/or psychometrician-made tests.
  • Spatial, Numerical or Verbal
    Spatial, are figure based tests with multiple choice answers. These tests are considered as Culture Fair and most likely best for beginners. Spatial tests normally work very well. They are fun to create, but very attempting to make them too difficult and the test takers will see other solutions than what the test author intended. But if the test is made well and balanced between easy and hard items, spatial tests works wonderfully.

    Numerical tests are a bit trickier than spatial and can have an open field for the answers or multiple choice. With an open answer that you have to type in, they are getting more difficult. One problem is that people will try to solve them like school math, this is not the intention. Normally you want to use numerical patterns or series as the challenge. You are allowed to use calculator on all numerical test at IQnavi.

    Verbal tests are among the most popular and really fun to try. A natural limitation is people’s language skills in English, but you can use Google Translate for instance, at least for the test with free time this is an useful option. We have a few at IQnavi, most without time limit.
  • Free vs Paid tests
    Of course, people love to get things free, we understand that. However, a problem occurs when having online IQ tests free, people can do the tests again and again, until they crack the score key and get unreasonably high IQ levels. To slow down this repetitive test-taking, we will charge a small amount to get the results. It also costs money to run a test site and continuously working on it and improving it. A win-win situation for IQnavi and you as a test taker.

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